Hermit Video Lyrics


I keep on thinking that Ive
seen it all before
I cant see through the shades
Its getting hard for you to know me anymore
Im hiding from the days

And I want to keep all of my privacy
And keep it to myself
A circle of friends in my memory
I hope theyre doing well

I saw sunshine yesterday
I looked to the sky
Then I ran back inside
I saw sunshine yesterday
It blinded my eyes
It made me realize
That Im not missing anything

Im drawing pictures of myself on the wall
Theyre not that flattering
Im singing songs that Ive never heard at all
And singing out of key

Please uncle, please show me
what I should do now
Please uncle, please show me
Show me the way out

Im scraping all I can from the bottom of a jar
So I dont have to leave
Im keeping shelter from a giant burning star
That isnt kind to me