Put Some Clothes On Video Lyrics

Breathe Carolina

I got a situation baby

I hope you can handle

the way my hands are shaking

when the director says action

i know hollywoods got me

i got the notion that shes already done

its hard enough with the camera alone

i see your eyes and they start to move

they catch a hint of my selfishness.

ill see it in you by the person you are in me (and you forever)

im simple like this, just as simple can be (its me and you forever)

i said it before but i got to believe in me and you forever

i wanna see me with the person i am in you (and me forever)

a permanent reminder on the silver screen

may haunt me as tape is rolling

in sequence to my heartbeat

its safe to say "i know hollywoods got me".

just wait, hold on, one more, lets go,

were on the spot and now were gonna give it up

i like the way you honestly know that this is

the only real love scene