Encouraging A Turncoat Video Lyrics


Youre the brightest of the stars.
Where you walk is where the happy people are.
You carry all those rays of light.
For every one theres one more unbearable night.And the ground unfolds beneathe my feet.
The chemicals leave my lungs out through my teeth.
The current of the rivers pulling me underneath to your corner of the sea

Youre the best kept secret thus far. Youre the first to find a path in to my heart. Youre the first thing on my mind. Youre the last one that should ever have to die. Well, you told me to surrender. But the one thing I remember; the encouraging words were so absurd.

Youre the avatar of woe. Youre the reason that I dont know where to go. Youre the vessel through my vains. Youre the dagger that still hides my bloody stains. Well, you told me to surrender, so Im through being your contender. Your encouraging words were so absurd.