When Animals Attack Video Lyrics


Walking down the street when I look over
only to see that I am surrounded
I fall over as they start attacking me
help! theyre hurting me! Im being pounded
my face starts bleeding as I get punched in it
I cant feel my leg I think its broken
if this keeps happening I just might die
yeah, its true, I might end up croaking

the mooses! the mooses!
theyre lapping up my juices
I cant believe this is happening
the antlers! the hoofses!
theyre caving in my toothses
I cant believe this is happening

I look down the street screaming for help
the screams are an utter waste of time
a moose headbutts me in my temple
and thinks, "this juicy human will be mine!"
I think about it and start to giggle
"I cant believe this," is all I think
suddenly one thought comes to my dying mind
"man, this sucks. I must be junxed."