Sunday Morning And Saturday Night Video Lyrics

James Otto

My ol man was a contradiction
A real hard man to figure
Hed read the King James Bible
While sippin on corn liquor
Hed get drunk, and hed get to preachin
Right out on the porch
Alternatin between cussin and a prayin
Spittin and a praisin the Lord

No doubt about it
He was a man of both extremes
He had his share of demons
But on Jesus he would lean

Hed say, "Fly high like the angels
Run wild like the devil
Were all tryin to find the middle
Between saint and sinner, wrong and right
Sunday morning and saturday night."

Well, I have sung "Amazing Grace," hymnal in my hand
Played "Stairway To Heaven" in a three piece pick up band
I know the straight and narrow is the path that I should take
But out here in the fast lane, you tend to get a little sideways

I still hear him preachin
Slurrin his words a bit
Sayin the thing about temptation
Is its so hard to resist


Back then I didnt realize
The wisdom in the sermon
It took a while to understand
The lesson Im still learnin


Saint and sinner, wrong and right
Sunday morning and Saturday night

He said, "Fly high like the angels."