Play Around Video Lyrics

Lil Cease

(feat. Bristal, Lil Kim, Puff Daddy)

As we proceed
To give you what you need
B.I.G., mutha fuckas
Lil Cease, mutha fuckas

Yo, handsome Hansun
Got dough like the Hansons
Niggas come fast, went out like Helly Hanson
Mr. Bristal, you will never catch me dancin
Often prancing, only in a mansion
In the party, Im high and drunk, I see you glancin
Never blow my cool, even if its jammin
If shit hit the fan then I got the cannon
Cock, lick-shots, leave em where they standin
You can call the cops, I never get ran in
Call Blake C., yall get the understanding
Who my man is, who the fam is
All that bullshit you talk? Can it, we own the planet
Its a definite, niggas over money, reppin it
Armageddon it, destroy erything when we settin it
You delicate, far away in the country where you better get
Assets in, nigga
Yall need to get wit some veterans

[1: Big Harve]
You dont wanna play around
You dont wanna play around
You dont wanna play around with me
No more, Ill kill you

You dont wanna play around
You dont wanna play around
You dont wanna play around with me
No more, Ill kill you

[Lil Cease]
Yo, yo, yo
Niggas wanna start shit, push the button
See the dough flip from the carpet
Me and Bris about to lock down the market
Gats be sparkin, they lie too
Not Crips and Bloods, its Piru
B-Roc Ima die for you
Till this day, Imma ride for you
And God forbid, gotta die too
When you pull that gat, Ill be right beside you
To guide you, on who to hit and not to
If a nigga guilty, got to die too
Thats the real-la, youre talkin to the roach killer
For more scrilla
About to upset New York like Reggie Miller
Once they say you turn thug, you turn killer
Man, its hard to turn back when a nigga feel ya
Thats why they tell ya youre nobody til somebody kill ya
Thats why until ya play it back, dont get too familiar
Cause if you get too close, my niggas might fuckin killa ya

[Repeat 1 while:]

[Lil Kim]
Another one
The Queen Bee, extraordinaire
Lil Cease, commin atcha
For the year 2000 and the new millennium, Uh

Fuck all you hoes, I blows like flutes
Bitches dont shake my hand, they salute the lieutenant
Rich men kiss the back of the hand of the royal highness
Pocohontas, Mafias behind us, ballin like Utah
Didnt think a ghetto bitch could come this far
From pushin Buicks to candy apple red Jaguars
Bitch think Im rich, I could rock a fool blue suit
A furry Kangol with some cowboy boots
And still be the shit of the night
When I come through
You be on the side holdin ya cups like the bums do
Waitin for the Queen to put some change in it
I pull out a G and drop it with a hundred grand left in my pocket
I promoted this shit, so I gots to make a profit
And all the ends are sins to my mens, down his prophet
Me and Lil Cease, its part two, me partners
Layin niggas down like carpenters
So pardon us, like Nikes, we just do it
We aint amateurs to this shit, we used to it
And all the bodies I killed, keep em on file
So when they anniversaries come, we pop Cristall
Ask Bristal, the Golden Child, ta-dow
Take it how I gives it, you talk it, you live it
And dont forget it, bitches

Stop tryin to sound like her too, bitches

[Repeat 1 while:]

[Lil Kim]
Yall muthafuckas do not wanna play with us
Yall dont wanna play with us
We will fuckin kill you

Set the fuckas right
Ill fuckin kill you
I dont give a fuck who it is

You dont wanna play around