Work It Out Video Lyrics

Lil Cease

I love a pretty gal, thats sexy

I like dat
Cease a Leo
A.K.A Leo Ganza
The flow mistro
We go do it like this

Yo, Yo, Im the nigga you wish for
Im the nigga dat ya meet in the rim store
from the first to tha tenth floor
baby I got it
From the minks in tha closet to the cars in the wallets
I know the trick, you can charge it
An i got keys to Vs, you can start it
But if ya cant end it dont jump up in it
but if I hit it, Ill let you slide cause my windows tinted
Like my seats, we fleet yous and me between the sheets
some - times for weeks
where I live I preach
and ya know talk is cheap when ya walk wit heat
I keep my cubans wit my Jesus peace
Niggas mad cause I get more ass than wases
nigga face it, cause dat bitch wanna taste it
niggas hate it
you dont like us you just gotta face it
when my guns bust niggas know they cant take it

We gon scream (We gon scream)
We gon shout (We gon shout)
So all my peeps locked down we gon work it out
Lets jam (Lets jam)
Lets bounce (Lets bounce)
So all my peeps in New York we gon turn it out
Brooklyn (Brooklyn)
We in da house (We in da house)
To all my peeps in the streets we gon work it out
Beststyle (Beststyle)
We in da house (We in the house)
To all my peeps on the corner we gon work it out

Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo
Leo Ganza what
stay suited up
for da loot B.K. niggas shoot it up
they boot it up
no luck, miracle, spiritual, pitiful, we aint identical
Yall know who started the shit
We neva jerseys yall niggas aint worthy,
like James Ludd-Law-Mccoy
been around like chips a hoy
all I got is hot ones for ya
no talk for ya
My team mean
standing the beam
wrapped up like golly green
keep it clean, rip yo splien
with - out makin a scene
easily I defeat any challenge(What)
Balanced my foes and my cats, enemies and friends
Dont know who to trust no more
dats why I keep my 4-4 gun lord

We gon scream (We gon scream)
We gon shout (We gon shout)
To all my peeps in V.A. we gon work it out
We in da house (We in da house)
To my peeps in the street lets turn it out

Yo, Yo
My honey hot as hell stays dripped in channel
My girl was on the chalk
Chick on the cell
??? keep my dick in da well
cant ya tell
How da boat sail
sun-shine on my jew - els
its da very details
somebody nex ta yall
platinum in a week
thank god for sales
me, Im just here to live it and tell
hope it, cause all my niggas livin in jail
we da poor feenin for bail
grieven the cell
wappin off to the porno books and the C.O. girls
we come home all around the world
you see
that thug shit played out like Jerry Curls
for me its a better world (Uhh)
Theres more better girls
Whatcha know about roley wit a benz that twirls
and a lotta cats hate me in this world
Fuck it, cant get any in this world

[Chorus x5]