Whisper Of Time Video Lyrics


Whisper of Time
Is following you
Its getting stronger,
More persistent
The merciless call
That carries breath of Death
Like fading leaves
Like a candle-end
Life is passing
What is there
Across the line
Where time is silent
What is there?

All your God damned money and power
All your false and meaningless life
What will they become tomorrow
You cannot take them to the grave
Your name will mean nothing
As your body rots in the ground
Your former friends will spit on your coffin
They only needed your bank account
All your life you have been The Greatest
What do you feel right now?
Time cant be stopped and cant be purchased
How can you handle this. How?
Indulgence is no longer in fashion
And money cant wash off the blood
Where are the women who screamed of passion
Not for you but for your capital

Youre dead! If not now, then tomorrow
You will cross the line
What is the voice thats scaring you
This is Whisper of Time