The Rules Of Real Life Video Lyrics


You are just a puppet
Played by everyone around
Idols are ruling your life
Smiling on TV
And you laugh
When they want you to
And you turn inside out
Of someone elses pain

And as you wake up in the morning
You run to get the news
You have your own mind for sure
As if its something you can choose
These rules
Surround you
Since you were a child
"Work harder"
"Dont ask"
"Dont be different"
This world is insane
Creating nothing but slaves

Hear the Freedom call
Let your soul fill with joy
Choose your side
Define your destiny
Open your eyes
I hail the new life
No one will blame you if you disagree
But dont you want to feel free
Maybe you want to die in chains
And thats your destiny
Or will you choose to fight?

Books are bad
They make you think
Musics even worse
It awakens your soul
Enjoy what is allowed
This bubblegum for brains
Glut yourself with it
Until you throw up