Base 2 Ya Face Video Lyrics

Chris Young

oh! following on that.. shit
celebration will say niggers.. our crown with,
fuck the judge, they name , nigger full letters,
..more problems come with more chatter!
forty… for ya hating niggers, fuck ya!
…i love ya!
starving … taking .. above the menu.
he started it while i finished it, as i can tell you!
niggers don't wanna ride with i,
niggers afraid to die,
come and commit the suicide,
i'm leaving you a..!
you let 'em fly…
..over the memphis, stars over the mansions,
when we get high we fly choppers over the …
cool! has alaska…
play the passion, niggers still wanna rap,
what has been a lyrical massacre.
..waited for the right time and moving over my…
anybody wanna get a… right here?
otherwise …the nightmares!
doing no efforts, freshing my nighmares,
freshing my rights, seeing my …
nigger i'm leaving hard, putting our free show here,
..used to be seven, i'm leaving the show here!
my nigger is in show here.
bitches is in..or welfare.
my …niggers look sick, hope you can…
counted a shit, i'm like the…
division one, we get …
..the whole fucking clip go bang!
we give them big…
then in the park we leave them dead,
i bet his all fucking click, go sink.
you're all… niggers!