Going To Templeglantine Video Lyrics

Azimuth Split

Riding the bothar, straddling the gap
Winding through some forgotten gods lap
A rock once came in the time of fiery seas
Smashed into the land by the Hill of Five Counties

Are you going down?
Are you going down
Are you going Down to Templeglantine
Running around, grazing in the sun
Roaring all day, it has to be done
It just has to be done

Nothing but the road and the driving rain
Enough to drive any man insane
Gliding by fields, oh fields of green
Where has my mind been?

Empty Wood and black Leaves
Dont think much of these new trees
My thoughts can never be enough
History is so much better when dream it up


(spoken)I see a pit
A dark, a dark pit
Is that where
The big rock hit.