Tetragonian Video Lyrics

Azimuth Split

Im a shooting star, gonna crash and burn, baby, crash and burn
My flaming avatar, its my turn girl, my turn to combust to dust
I dont care if its my destiny, its just the way things were meant to be
Please baby do not frown as i drown in a pool of insanity

You know i dont have a clue why Breadfan and the Prince answer The Sandman
Its prepostrous, hes an imposter, cant you see it man
I guess im just crazy, Tetragonian, crazy
Probably the only one who sees the truth

Nevermind, theres Too Many Humans, all Sheep, so fucking what?
I just aint gonna last, Im a Social Outkast, im wandering, im lost.
Gonna do some Territorial Pissing, you dont know what you are missing till youve tried
Spraying around, i dunno what i found, but whatever it was it lied.

Lifes just so dim, it does exactly what it says on the tin
No 2nd chances, you pay for your advances, no matter how much you try to get in
Yeah i lay back on the blue grasses, watching the Aurora Borealis
Making love through my looking glass with this girl called Alice

Sure whats the difference between me and you but a point of view?
More than enough, i guess the zeitgeist will do.
Come As You Are, not as you were, as a boring old stiff who forever smoke a spliff
Man i got 1 question, what do you put in this shit?